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VINE Service Number : (888) 742-8463
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IowaVINE is currently connected to and available from the Iowa Department of Corrections (DOC) prisons and many Iowa county jails, but not all county jails.

The Iowa Attorney General's Office, Crime Victim Assistance Division hopes to have all county jails connected to and available on IowaVINE by the end of 2008.

For a list of county jails connected to IowaVINE, click on the Search tab, click on "Choose Facility." The drop down list is activated by clicking on the arrow will show the county jails that are currently connected to IowaVINE.

A list of resources numbers that you can call for victim services is available on the Area Victim Resources tab. We encourage you to use these resources.

VINELink and VINE are free services provided to you by the Crime Victim Assistance Division of the Iowa Attorney General.

1. Registration with IowaVINE is NOT the same as registration with the County Attorney's Office for statutory notification of criminal justice proceedings. Contact the County Attorney to see if you are eligible to register for statutory notification.

2. When an offender is transferred to a different county jail or from a county jail to a DOC prison facility, the IowaVINE notification may alert you that you need to re-register to receive further notifications.

3. VINELink will list Scheduled Release Dates for DOC offenders if that information is available. These dates are based off a number of factors that can change. You must check back with this web site for updates to this information.

4. When an offender is transferred to a different facility, there will be several hours of delay before your notification. The delay ensures the safety of both the transporting officers and the offender.

5. IowaVINE will leave a message on an answering machine.

6. You may prefer that a child or other household member not hear an IowaVINE message. Please register for notification at a phone number the child or person will not answer when this is the case.

7. IowaVINE notification is made whenever the custody status of the offender changes. You may receive phone calls in the middle of the night if that is when the change occurs.

8. You must update your information with IowaVINE to continue receiving notifications if your email address or phone number changes.

To access the VINE Protective Order site please go to:

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