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Custer County Sheriff's Office
Otero County Sheriff's Office
Colorado Statewide VINE
VINE Service Number : (888) 263-8463
TTY: (866) 847-1298
In order to be immediately connected to a VINE Service Representative, please do not choose either language option presented to you at the beginning of the call. This will allow your call to be directed to a VINE Service Representative who will promptly address your needs.
Colorado Statewide VINE Resources
Colorado Vine helps crime victims obtain information about the custody status of jail inmates under supervision in the Colorado county jails that are online with the system.

Victims can register with Colorado VINE to receive free, confidential, automated custody status updates on offenders. Any other citizen may also register with Colorado VINE via VINELink or by calling Colorado VINE at 1-888-263-8463, to receive custody updates on offenders.

This service applies only to county jails that have elected to participate at this time. The Colorado Department of Corrections, DOC, has not been added to Colorado VINE. If you do not find the county jail that you are interested in searching for, please note that this agency may not be participating in the program. Please contact your local victim advocate resource to find out more information on an offender who may be jailed in that county.

Please do not depend only on VINE for your protection. Maintain other contacts with your advocate and law enforcement officers assigned to your case.

Effective immediately, you now have the option to be notified of an offender's status by receiving a text message. You will receive one message that will let you know their status. Any text charges will be applied to your bill.

Archuleta County Sheriff's Office
Offenders apprehended in Archuleta County are temporarily being held in custody at LaPlata County Sheriff's Office. You can use this website to search for the offender at the temporary location or call 888-263-8463. If you are unable to locate the offender, please contact the LaPlata County Sheriff's Office directly for further information at 970-247-1157.

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV)
1-888-778-7091 (Toll Free)
Phone: (303) 831-9632

Colorado Office for Victims Programs
1-888-282-1080 (Toll Free)
Phone: (303) 239-5719

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA)
Phone: (303) 839-9999

Colorado Anti-Violence Program
1-888-557-4441 (Toll Free)
Phone: (303) 852-5094

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Phone: (800) 799-7233

National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline
Phone: (866) 331-9474

National Organization for Victim Assistance
Phone: (800) 879-6682
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