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Mesquite Police Department
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Nevada Statewide VINE
VINE Service Number : (888) 268-8463
TTY: (866) 847-1298
Nevada Statewide VINE Resources
Welcome to the Nevada Statewide Victim Information and Notification Everyday [NV VINE] homepage. NV VINE is an automated notification system and part of our state's commitment to support victims of crime. This is a free and confidential notification and status information service regarding offenders in county jail or prison.

Information is provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week over the phone at 1-888-2NV-VINE [1-888-268-8463] or at Notification is available via telephone or email through and is made when an inmate is released, transferred, or in the unlikely event that the inmate escapes.

Nevada Department of Corrections

VINE is an additional service of the Department of Corrections to provide crime victims, their families and their circles of support with confidential notification regarding custody status changes of an offender. Registering with VINE does not automatically register you with the Department of Corrections.


Search and Registration Tips:

- To obtain information and register for notification, click on the appropriate tab for the service you wish to access or click the "Search and Register" tab at the top of the screen.

- You can search by the offender's identification number or last name.

- Check the partial name search and enter fewer letters to get a larger list of possible matches.

- You may register to be notified by phone, e-mail, TTY, or any combination of the three.

- When registering your phone number pick a 4-digit PIN code that is easy to remember. When you receive a notification phone call, enter the PIN code, and the calls will stop.

- If the county jail you are looking for is "temporarily offline": Please contact your local jail or you local victim services agency for more help.

- If the Department of Corrections is "temporarily offline": Please contact the Victim Services Unit at 775-887-3393 or by e-mail at for more help.

Please make NV VINE part of your overall safety plan. Click on the Local Victim Resources tab for more information on other resources available in your area.

NV VINE is provided by the Nevada Attorney General's Office and your local law enforcement agency.
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